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Head of Study Program :  Hartrisari Hardjomidjojo

One of the greatest challenges facing the environment today is to achieve a balance between developing natural resources and maintaining an optimal natural environment.  The main purpose of the establishment of Master of Science in Information Technology for Natural Resources Management Program.

Master of Science (S2)
MSc in IT for NRM is an international program under the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences in coordination with the Graduate School of Bogor Agricultural University.  The academic activities are conducted at SEAMEO BIOTROP Campus, which is located at Km. 6-Tajur, Bogor.  The Supervisory Comitee consists of national and international institutions including some from the private sectors.

Master of Science Programcience
MSc in IT for NRM program is divided into 4 (four) semesters.  The first three semesters are dedicated to lectures and applied laboratory works while the fourth semester is devoted to conducting a special project or research and thesis writing.  Odd semesters are from September to January while even semesters are from February to June.

There are four main core (major) courses and several supporting (minor) courses.  Students are advised to take minor subjects that are relevant to their background.  The primary aim of the program is to deal with quantitative approaches to enable the development of a reliable decision-support system for natural resources management.

The core (major) courses consist of:
1.  Modeling System Dynamics
2.  Geographical Information System
3.  Remote Sensing/Image Processing
4.  Decision Support Systems

Supporting (minor) courses include topics in:
1.  Agriculture
2.  Forestry
3.  Animal Husbandry
4.  Fisheries
5.  Hydrology
6.  Geo-Statistics
7.  Coastal Application

In the fourth/final semester, students will determine a special project approved by their supervisors who are experts in their respective fields.  The project combine most of the program content for advanced analysis and application of Information Technology into a comprehensive, practical exercise that is relevant to the student’s background and training. 

Note :
Credit 3(2-1)     : 3 is total credits including lecture and practical
                          2 is lecture credit or equivalent to 2 hours of lectures
                          1 is practical credit or equivalent to 3 hours of practicals

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